BlackishArt is a platform where black artists take their rightful place in history and Art History. BlackishArt Box was born from a homeschool mom's desire to share with her homeschool Art Class (Transformed Art) the contributions of Black and Brown artists to Art History.

Representation matters. That phrase resonated with our founder so much that she created an entire curriculum focused on Black and Brown artists from the significant art periods to the present.  

Students learned about art periods, art styles, and art techniques that developed their skills as artists.

BlackishArt Box is a monthly subscription service specifically focused on underrepresented and marginalized Black and Brown artists. Each month will showcase a Black or Brown artist and their contributions to art and humanity. Each box will have a detailed bio of the artist and an art activity to educate the subscriber even further.  The result of each experience will be a masterpiece!  

Each month you'll receive art supplies, an inspirational piece of art.  As mentioned, the box will reference the featured artist and examples of their work.  You will also receive a link with an instructional video and links for further exploration.  We ship to the continental United States. We encourage you to share your art with us, and we'd love to feature your art.  Please submit your work to blackishart1804@gmail.com or tag us with #blackishartbox or @blackishart1804.   


Giliane St-Amand Green - mom, creative, teacher, artist and founder of BlackishArt

President, Pour Etre Joli Events, Inc.

BlackishArt Founder


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